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I just got clocked by a 30kmph speed cam and it's absurd

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

I just got fined for driving at a speed of “30kmph” (18mph). Yes, you read that right. The citizens already pay so much in taxes while buying a vehicle, which includes road tax, RTO registration, and other taxes, apart from that you pay tolls to just drive on miserable roads just to get fined for such nonsensical speed limits.

I am not against the implementation of such measures to curb the hazard of overspeeding on our roads because I am very much aware that it is also one of the primary causes of accidents but the new safety initiatives should at least make some sense. I discovered that the MH govt has sanctioned 13.95 Cr for speed cams but I strongly feel that the road quality must be a prioritized option for them because the accidents due to bad road quality and people dodging potholes are much more.

There is a speed camera of 50kmph on the Mumbai-Pune expressway and it is strategically placed on a descending road. It is nearly impossible to maintain a speed of 50kmph even without pressing the accelerator pedal and many people get clocked in the speed cams this way because of the strategic positioning of speed cams. There is absolutely no proper regulation in our country because of drivers driving on the wrong side. I understand safety is a major concern and a lot of accidents happen but that is due to unskilled drivers, and if this is the case then the government should stop charging hefty tolls by calling it an expressway if they want to charge such hefty tolls just to make citizens drive at a very slow speed because it makes no sense. The citizens are paying to reach in both ways, that is, safer and faster.

We do not have strict procedures and exams for getting a driver’s license which makes it fairly easy to get a license in India and that is the major reason behind accidents because it gives birth to unskilled drivers. It in turn causes a lot of accidents on the roads because of those unskilled drivers with no road sense.

Initially, the fine was ₹1,000, but the government has increased the penalty amount to ₹2,000. My views are personal and I am not talking against the government but someone needs to address this issue because it is not fair at all.

Drive safe and take care.



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