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1987 Ferrari Testarossa Evolution II by Koenig Specials - The car which was way ahead of its time

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Ferraris are known for their fast and high-performance cars but who even thought about multiplying the fun back in the ‘80s? That was the time when Koenig Specials entered the game.

Koenig Specials, an auto-tuning house, was established by Willy Koenig in the year 1977. It is based in Munich, Germany. The tuning house tuned multiple Mercedes, Porsches, and Beamers in every way possible but back in the 1980s nobody ever considered tuning a Ferrari because a stock Ferrari was so potent already that the owners never really imagined or thought of tuning the car until the very first customer walked into Koenig’s tuning house with an icon from the ‘80s, the Ferrari Testarossa.

Right after when the stock Testarossa rolled out of Koenig’s tuning house, it was rebadged with some additional terms. It was labeled as the Ferrari Testarossa Koenig Competition Evolution II. No doubt it's pretty long for a name but it was loaded with enormous power which made the car worthy of each and every term it held in its badge. The Twin Turbo V12 monster made around 1000 Horsepower which was bonkers for a car from the 1980s and it was way ahead of its time. The Testarossa had a five-speed manual transmission and the amount of power jammed into the car was way ahead of its time because a 1000HP in the ‘80s was something that nobody ever thought of. The Koenig Testarossa had advanced aerodynamics because of the Koenig body kit. It built a better downforce and the ride was stiffer and lower after replacing the stock suspension with a custom four-wheel independent Koenig suspension kit.

The Koenig Testarossa did the 0-100 sprint in a mere 3.8 seconds with a top speed of 340km/h which was much more than just impressive for a car built in the ‘80s. The torque produced by this machine was out of the world. It was so high that the Koenig Testarossa needed a bigger and wider set of tires to make it handle better and to provide more confidence to the driver. Some of the most insane projects by Koenig Specials included the BMW M635 CSi, Jaguar XJS, Mercedes-Benz SL, Ferrari 348, Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Porsche 911, BMW 850i.

Link to witness the Koenig Testarossa in action -

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